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Always Improving

This Wiki is designed to give up to date information regarding as much of the OmniStar system as possible. We will continue to update the various areas across the Wiki as new content is developed and new features are added to the OmniStar system as it is updated and upgraded.

If something isn't available here please feel free to contact F1 Solutions.

Getting Started

Do not wait, get started now with some quick go-to information and concepts.

External Portal

Always keeping users in mind with the designs of clear, concise, responsive, consistent, efficient and attractive web pages, yet not compromising the functionalities of a fully enterprise level system. This is the front end system of OmniStar.

Internal Portal

This is the back end system that allows for administrative specific functionalities from the system settings and operational point of view. You may have access to External Portal, but access to Internal Portal may only be limited to specific personnel based on the functional position of the person using OmniStar.

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

The contact base of OmniStar. Creation of user from Internal Portal must be done by selecting an existing contact in OmniStar’s Contact Relationship Management, or the contact must be created first before a user can be created.

System configuration

Configuring OmniStart to match your business.

Application Programming Interface (API)

OmniStar's API provides a mean of communication with other third party systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check out the list of FAQs for faster answers.

Contact Us

Contact us when you need assistance to help on your daily usage of OmniStar.
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