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Internal Portal is the backend of the OmniStar system and offers Secretariat Users to view, edit, manage and modify the System and any Elements within it - depending upon their level of access.

Below Internal Portal has been broken down into different Sub-Sections allowing the easier access to pertinent information. Depending on what you are looking for use this as a guide, or search for key phrases and words in the Text Search box in the top right hand corner.

Internal functions

Navigating in Internal Portal

Application Management

Manage the application process within the Internal Portal including checking of eligibility, external review, decision making, decision notification, and creation of a project.

Project Management


This option is available from OmniStar's Internal Portal to access functions to manage Contacts.

Finance and Budget

Meetings - Internal Portal


OmniStar supports both predefined Internal Portal System reports and the ability to create custom reports using the Report designer. Reports that you have accessed recently are listed in the Recent Reports list. You can mark reports you access regularly as favourites and they will always appear in the Favourites list.

User Defined Dashboards

Users with the role Dashboard edit can create and update dashboards. Users with the role Dashboard view can view dashboard items shared with them. If you have either of these roles, you will see the Dashboard tile on the Start page. Dashboards can be set to be globally available from Dashboard and Reporting Administration in OmniStar, i.e. viewable from Internal and External Portals. Dashboards which are enabled to be available in Internal Portal will be listed from the left panel of the Dashboa


Panels/Review Bodies

System Settings

Manage system processes and configure system behaviour.

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