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OmniStar is a powerful leading edge COTS product suite, composed of OmniResearch, OmniGrants, OmniEthics and OmniProjects. A system which has over 500 features that can be configured to create an organisation specific and user-centric solution.

This Wiki is designed for users of OmniStar, in conjunction with the contextual help found within the product, to help facilitate a better understanding of how to get the most out of the extremely powerful tools available to OmniStar Users.

The previous page offers a Site overview which can be referred back to should you need to find something specific. You can also use the Text Search function at the top right hand corner of the screen to search the entire Wiki for specific words or phrases. You will also find a return to menu link at the top of each page which will return you to the Main Navigation screen if you ever need.


The following topics provide an introduction to some important concepts.

Concept: Portfolio, Projects, Rounds, and Stages

What are Portfolios, Programs, Rounds, and Stages and how are they used?

Concept: Contacts and Contact Relationship Management

What kinds of contacts does Contact Relationship Management support and how are they used in OmniStar?

Concept: Application Budget

The application budget describes the dollar value of the proposed project which may include funds requested, cash contributions, in-kind contributions and total project costs. How are these components best used?

Concept: External Application Reviews

What is involved when an External Participant reviews applications?

Concept: Conflict of interest

What is Conflict of Interest and how does it affect external application reviews, panels, and meetings?

Concept: Project Milestones

Project milestones - what are they, where do they come from, how are they used and how are they managed?


The Glossary provides definitions of OmniStar concepts using standard OmniStar terminology. It provides references to locations where more information is available.

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