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View and action your milestones across all projects.

Varies based on your configuration

This view may not be available at your site. See also External Portal Project Milestones.

What are milestones?

Project milestones are specific points along the Project timeline. Milestones can be financial or non-financial. Milestones generally require an action to be performed, and a response to be submitted by the due date; e.g. you might need to submit a project report on a regular basis.


What milestones do you have?

Select Milestones from the top menu to see the milestones you are responsible for across all projects.

An icon appears in the left menu when a milestone needs to be actioned.


An Organisation Representative can view milestones from the Milestones list, even when they do not have access to the Project itself; e.g. when responsibility for a project has been transferred to another organisation.

How to manage our milestones

How to check the status of your milestones

View all your milestones, their due dates, and see additional details.

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