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Custom Pages

Custom information pages can be defined for display in External Portal. These pages are displayed under the Information menu.

To create a custom page:

  1. Select Add Custom Page from the menu
  2. Enter a page name (maximum 20 characters)
  3. Enter a title for display in the custom pages menu
  4. Enter help text. Help text is displayed in a box under the title when the page is selected.
  5. Enter body text. Body text is displayed in the body of the screen.
  6. Select the options you require
  7. Select Save


  • Only active pages are displayed in External Portal
  • Select ‘Landing page’ to display the page when the Information menu is selected
  • Select ‘Show in Menu’ to list 4the page in the Information page submenu

External Portal footer links are displayed in the footer of External Portal. This screen allows you to define and maintain URLs, link text and link order.

To create a new link:

  1. Select Add link from the menu
  2. Add the title which will appear in the footer
  3. Enter a valid URL
  4. Select the importance
  5. Select Save


  • Importance starts at 0
  • When more than 5 footer links are defined they will appear stacked in the footer
  • Only active links will appear in External Portal
  • You can delete or edit the link using the Delete or Edit buttons in the grid.


A round defines availability of the application in External Portal either, indefinitely or between specified dates and times, open to all registered users or by invitation only.

Additionally, the round:

  • Defines application type,
  • Defines Program (for reporting purposes),
  • Links the round to form(s) which are available for completion, and
  • Links the round to documents.

To define a new Round

  1. Select Create new round from the menu
  2. Complete the form entering all required information
  3. Select the Save option from the floating toolbar

Round forms: A round can be linked to a single form or multiple forms. To attach a form:

  1. Select Add Form from the Round form sub-menu
  2. Select the Purpose
  3. Select the Form
  4. Select Save

Forms use the Infiniti Form Designer found in Internal Portal>System Settings>SmartForms

Documents: A documents icon is displayed in External Portal allowing easy access to documents associated with a grant round. This is a convenient way to provide extra information e.g. guidelines to completing the application form. To add a document to a round:

  1. Select Add Document from the Round form sub-menu
  2. Drop or select the file(s) to upload
  3. Select Upload
  4. The document is immediately visible in External Portal


  • The Message text will appear beneath the title in External Portal. Use this message area to provide helpful information such as round closing dates.

Survey Results

Surveys can be submitted in External Portal. Enter the date from and date to parameters to create a list of feedback items for the time period required.

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