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Define contact lookup lists; e.g. organisation types, phone types, position roles.

How to configure contact expertise

Define the types of expertise that a Person may have.

How to configure contact link types

Define the types of relationship between two contacts. The contacts may be Organisations, Units, Positions, or Persons. For example Subsidiary between two organisations.

How to configure contact organisation types

Define the types of organisation; e.g. Hospital, Corporate.

How to configure contact position roles

Define the position roles that describe the role a Person is playing with respect to OmniStar on behalf of their parent Organisation.

How to configure contact qualifications

Define the types of qualification held by a Person; e.g. PhD.

How to configure contact titles

Define the titles a person may be addressed by; e.g. Mr, Dr.

How to configure countries

Define the list of countries available for use in addresses.

How to configure phone types

Define the types of phone numbers; e.g. Home, Work. Phone types can be classified as one or more of fax, phone, or internet phone.

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