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Have you got questions about OmniStar configurability? Find out in this page. You can also use the browser's search function to find specific words or the Wiki's text search to refine what you are looking for.

 Can OmniStar be configured such that financial information are not shown when it is used for ethics?

Yes, this is configured at a program level.

 Are contents in all forms in OmniStar configurable, including changing status content, questions, layouts and sequence of questions, answer type (i.e. multiple choice, check box, drop down etc.)

Yes, this in configurable through the form design tool

 Can the “From” field in Email template be configurable?

Yes this can be configured, although there is a system level validation that will be in place to ensure the From email address is one the system is capable of sending from (i.e. to prevent changing templates to send from an invalid domain)

 Can milestones and milestone types be set manually by appropriate user in the Internal Portal?

Yes. Milestone types are configured in System Settings. Milestones can be created, edited and deleted from the Project Viewer.

 Are contents in all templates (including documents, notifications, reminders) configurable?

Yes the templates are editable. Static contents can be updated and existing tokens can be added to templates. However, F1 assistance will be required to create a new custom tokens.

 Can a new committee/ sub committee be added?

Yes, committees are managed in Panels

 Can a committee/ sub committee (i.e. Panels) be removed?

Panels cannot be deleted, but can be marked as Inactive. This ensures that it doesn’t affect existing records that are referencing the Panel.

 If a committee is removed, what happens to inflight applications i.e. application that was assigned to the committee that was deleted?

Panels cannot be deleted, but can be marked as Inactive. If a Panel is marked inactive, existing links will be maintained.

 Can a committee be renamed?

Yes, committee name can be changing by changing the Title field in the Panel

 Can committee member categories be added or removed?

Yes, committee member categories are maintainable in System Settings

 Can groups in a meeting be configurable?

Meeting groups are not configurable at this stage. This will be coming in a future release.

 Can a new contact field for either Contacts or Organisations be added? E.g. to capture a piece of information about a person that OmniStar doesn’t have a field for.

Yes, Additional Fields  are configurable in System Settings by administrators to allow for this.

 Can the questions in the Eligibility wizard be edited, changed or removed?

Yes, eligibility questions are configurable in System Settings.

 Can a new committee/ sub committee be added?

Yes, committees are managed in Panels

 Can the name of the round be changed?

Yes, Rounds are configurable in System Settings.

 Can approval decision options be changed or added? E.g. relabel the options or add additional approval options

Approval decision outcomes can be renamed, but only support up to 3 outcomes (“Yes”, “No”, “Maybe” each relabelled as appropriate to the decision)

 Can information that is not in the Internal Portal, but captured in the application form be reported on?

Application forms are built to ensure all data captured is available to the reporting database in XML structures, even if not captured in a strict system field. This is to allow for requirements such as this where a field previously not required for reporting is now required.

 Can workflows be edited, disabled or added? E.g. Create a new review pathway workflow.

Yes, workflows are configurable with Workflows feature.

 Are user access and permissions configurable?

Yes, user access and permissions are configurable in System Settings.

 Are application and project statuses maintainable? i.e. creating a new status, remove a status that is no longer required, or relabel an existing status

Yes, application and project status are configurable in System Settings.

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